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An Explanation of Casino Bonuses and Free Spins

The casino industry is very competitive, with thousands of casinos in the market, and millions of customers. To get the maximum returns, casinos devise marketing and enticing rewards called bonuses and free spins, in order to attract more customers. To receive these bonuses casinos have what is known as a wagering requirement. These are a set of terms that you need to meet before withdrawing the bonus. There are three types of casino bonuses:

Cashable bonus

This is the type of bonus where the casino allows the player to withdraw the bonus once they meet all the wagering requirements. If you do not meet these terms, some casinos might withhold even the winnings. So it is important to get acquainted with all the terms before going after the bonus. There are plenty of reputable casinos that offer great cashable bonuses, like this awesome casino, and they have promotions that are definitely worth looking in to.

Sticky type-one bonuses

With this type of bonus, the player is not allowed to withdraw it at all. However, all the winnings a player gets from using the bonus can be cashed out. The winnings can be added back to the bonus and the total used to play more games in the casino. But the catch is that you cannot withdraw this bonus. In case of a loss, the player cannot be allowed to lose beyond the bonus amount. Once a player decides to withdraw, they lose the bonus completely.

Sticky type-two bonuses

This bonus is similar to the type-one bonus in all aspects. The only difference is that the player will not lose the bonus once they decide to withdraw any winnings. This also increases a player’s winning chances. That is why this type of bonus is more attractive in the online casino bonus platform.