World Poker Tournament

Poker Tournaments: Playing Big

Popular games do not restrict themselves with one off encounters. Their popularity automatically translates into tournaments, and poker is a good example. There are numerous poker tournaments around the world that manage to attract hordes of poker enthusiasts. The top three amongst the many tournaments are as follows:

  1. World Series of Poker (WSOP): This poker tournament can easily be ranked as one of the world’s best tournaments. The event is held in Las Vegas every year during summer and has managed to attract millions of poker enthusiasts over the years, despite the prevailing heat in Las Vegas. The official website keeps you well updated about the event.
  2. The Crown Aussie Millions: This is the Australian leg of the poker championships and has been held in the Crown casino in Melbourne every year since 1998. This event is touted as the richest poker event in the Southern part of the hemisphere with prizes over AUD$7 million to be won.
  3. The Latin American Poker Tour: As the name suggests, the event is the biggest poker tournament in Latin America, and has been conducted regularly since 2008. The event is under the sponsorship of Pokerstars, which sponsors the European, Asia Pacific and North American Poker tournaments as well.

When the travel bug catches up with a poker enthusiast it transforms itself into a poker vacation. What more can a person ask for than a relaxing holiday on one hand and adrenaline pumping poker action on the other, with loads of opportunities to win big. Las Vegas is the destination with 49 days of scheduled poker action during the WSOP 2017. Poker tournaments are the new trend in online poker. Playing poker in a tournament and winning involves a special skill and unique strategies need to be implemented.